AceTree Distribution

The main distribution vehicle for AceTree is file It contains the full release version of AceTree.jar plus a sample data series. Separately available is the jar file for SNLauncher which allows integration between StarryNite (available elsewhere on this site) and AceTree.

The jar file contains class, source, help, and javadoc files.

The data series contains the full StarryNite lineage annotation. To keep the download size in range, the image data with the demo only covers the first 50 of 195 annotated time points. However, this is quite sufficient to sense the character of the image data and the analysis process carried out by StarryNite. Since the full lineage annotation is available all features of AceTree can be explored out to the 350 cell stage of this embryo even though the images themselves are only available up to the 26 cell stage.

The installation procedure is to unzip the package which creates an AceTreeDemo subdirectory below the directory. Open a terminal window in that directory and enter the command:
java -jar AceTree.jar

This assumes that your operating system path must contain the location of Java1,4,1 or later. Otherwise enter the path to java in front of "java" in that command line.

Once AceTree comes up, go to the Help..Help..AceTreeDemo menu to bring up the tutorial. The tutorial is based on the same data that you have obtained in this download so you can follow along.

After bringing up the tutorial, you will go to the menu File..Open config file and in the file selection dialog select file:

That will bring up the data at the first time point.

To exit the program click the "x" box in the main control window or choose File..exit from the menu.

For info on how to use SNLauncher to run a full image analysis pipeline, see Murray et al The lineaging of fluorescently-labeled Caenorhabditis elegans embryos with StarryNite and AceTree. Nature Protocols; 1(3)

Download AceTreeDemo and SNLauncher here Program and data files (~ 195 MB)
SNLauncher.jar Java .jar file (~70 KB)