Download StarryNite contains the StarryNite software, as well as a image series for demo purposes. Currently, only the binary files for Linux and WinXP are provided. The demo series contains the first 50 time points of a whole embryonic series, dubbed 081505. It is the same 50 time points as packaged in the AceTree release. contains additional images in the series, up to the 195th time point (350 cell stage). It is not required for the purpose of demonstrating StarryNite. Nonetheless, edited lineaging result is provided for this series up to the 350 cell stage, in the demo directory in You'll need to download AceTree and read the instructions there to view these results. Program and demo data (~200 MB) Additional images (~400 MB)

Link to Bao et al, 2006, PNAS

Download AceTree

For bugs, questions and comments, contact Zhirong Bao